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The Funny Thing About Goals

Why your Goals Suck and how to use being states to create what you really want

In these short videos from David Papa you will learn why goals are bad for your brain and how they make experiencing what you really want even harder!

Then we'll discuss what to do instead: 

  • How to figure out what you really want.
  • How to create powerful energy for creating that.
  • How to remove the barriers for taking action so you can create it more consistently, faster, more easily, and with more fun.

(This is David). I have personally used the techniques in this guide to create 10 years of self-employment which includes large corporate projects, high paying individual clients, joyous collaborations, an acting job, an awesome pair of boots, and a human baby.

My clients have used these techniques to hit the highest numbers in revenue and sales they've ever had in their businesses, have more loving, intimate relationships, and change how their reality works.

This guide is all on one page, includes transcripts if you prefer to read, and has links to songs that will make you dance. It's free! Take it!